General Contract Law

Contract Creation

Our attorneys seek to understand your needs in order to tailor contracts to fit your specific requirements. Our attorneys have years of experience with businesses and individuals creating contracts that accurately reflect your needs. Beware of using template contracts not tailored to your needs or wants. Two of the primary reasons for contract lawsuits are (1) misunderstandings of the parties regarding a contract and (2) unclear or ambiguous contract language. Let us help you to tailor any contracts to your needs in order to clearly communicate your needs to reduce misunderstandings. We are proficient with all types of business contracts including government contracts and other business contracts.

Contract Review

If you have already signed a contract and need to understand your obligations or if you need to alter the contract to reflect what is really happening, we can help! Our attorneys leverage their experience with contracts in order to help you understand potential pitfalls as well as strengths in your contract. A thorough review can help reduce the possibility of misunderstanding and can prevent unnecessary litigation.