Connor Brooksby
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Working with Robert A. Gurr and Elaine Calderwood: at Gurr Brande & Spendlove, PLLC has been nothing but amazing. I started my project in high school with little to no knowledge on how the patent process works, and very limited money. They have worked with me for over 3 years now helping me to reach my goals and dreams. They are very fair priced, HONEST, and very good at what they do. I strongly recommend them to anyone in need of a patent attorney.
Arnie Unruh
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I have been dealing with Gurr Brande and spendlove for 3 years now and have enjoyed working with my guy. All of them are great so enjoy your new patent with Gurr Brande and Spendlove
Shannon Reynolds
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I have been using Robert Gurr and Jared Brande’s legal services for many years now. Rather for patent work, trade marks or business, this firm has always exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them
Bill Frazier
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I have had the pleasure of working with and against a number of attorneys in this firm. They fight hard, but fairly, for their clients. Rob Gurr, Jared Brande, and James Spendlove are important cogs in the Washington County legal community. If this is where you land, you've chosen well.
Mike Ulrich
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I've used Gurr Brande & Spendlove for my business, my wife's business as well as many of my clients. They are very professional and explained everything very well. I have been going to them for help for the last seven years and will continue to turn to them for all my legal needs.
Jerry atricks projects
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Best experience I have ever had with an Attorney.